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Kurt Turrell


Kurt Turrell

Owner, Pro-fit Consulting

Kurt's professional bio / interests

As the Tech Age races ahead, corporate business models have become antiquated. The Individual person has been left behind. We are recognizing the "lifetime value" of our customer, but have not done the same for those we employ. It will be compulsory that America's corporate world endorses a "neo renaissance" of the Individual. Further, American corporations have entirely misinterpreted "Corporate Culture". This has little or no useful or valued meaning for the worker. Corporate Culture must evolve through a focus on the Individual person at all levels, orchestrated through a carefully, strategically organized blueprint. Corporate Culture must become an entire division/department which directly adds value and meaning to each staff member, and also draws from their minds. The Culture Department adds a "think tank" dimension which resolves company issues both now, and in the future. This department will go light years beyond merely paying for itself. Pro-Fit Consulting has designed a Corporate Culture Blueprint that is customized to each company. Done correctly, the longevity, adaptability, and new levels of prosperity, of the company are guaranteed.

I’d like help with…

Reaching the hearts and minds of corporate America. I need help in surmounting the natural resistance to change for the better/best. I need to drive home the fact that: "The enemy of a thriving business and a thriving economy is ephemeral vision."

An interesting, or unusual fact(s) about me…

I believe that the best we can do in our lifetime is serve others as best we can, and always remain grateful for each day, every breath, all of the people, and all of the gifts in our lives. Life is about Abundance in all aspects of life.

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If we fail to recognize and understand the effects of technology, those effects could control or harm us, collectively.




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Oct 04, 2021