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Vilmos Somogyi


Vilmos Somogyi

CEO, ALAS d.o.o.

Vilmos's professional bio / interests

My entrepreneurial journey started over 15 years ago while still at the university when I entered into the world of freelancing with my current business partner Tibor Dudjik at ALAS d.o.o. Learning how important it is to work with people who have common interests & goals helped me at a very young age better grasp the power of collaboration in building a successful business. Moreover, during this period, I have realised the power of GUARANTEEING RESULTS for my clients which became my number 1 priority moving forward. During the last 15 years, we have: - managed to build highly profitable business without any outside funding while growing our team to 40+ employees - helped 150+ clients with our services & expertise - worked with companies like Brandwatch, SureClinical, RetireUp, MyDirectives, SimplyAnalytics, Konecranes, CargoAI, HyperMedia, and SimpleSite - became an official Selenium Commercial support provider Our secret sauce consists of 2 elements: - a proven process for quality assurance based on 15+ years of industry experience since my business partner & I have worked in all phases of software development - high-level employee onboarding process based on principles of close collaboration and mutual respect which makes our employees able to fully support our customers independently

I’d like help with…

Setting up QA processes in software development

An interesting, or unusual fact(s) about me…

Foodie, nature lover, amateur photographer.

I live in


A career highlight

Building a successful brand WeDoQA from scratch.




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Oct 13, 2021