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Nadia Bakir
Nadia Bakir
Co Founder | Marketing | Partnerships, Friday Collective
Nadia‘s professional bio / interests
I'm a Co-Founder of Friday Collective, Crank CRM @& Pixelz.Ai but my day to day is Digital marketing & Biz dev Past lives and careers combined with my passion for tech and customer experience have brought me here. I'm grateful to be part of a passionate team, working with the latest and greatest tech while meeting and working with entrepreneurs and game changers. Friday Collective is a software and automation house delivering VR, Metaverse and mobile apps, platforms, games, portals for Crypto, payments, and SaaS. I'm also Mummy, wife, Crossfitter, animal lover, wine & cheese enthusiast, interested in anything tech, SaaS, cool and innovative. 📍Uk | France | Dublin
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I toured the world as a professional Irish dancer.
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My LinkedIn: Pixelz.Ai: Website: Friday Collective Instagram: Friday Collective Facebook: Friday Collective Twitter: LinkedIn:
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22 October, 2021