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Richard El Hachem
Richard El Hachem
Digital, Platforms and Integrated MarCom Consultant, REH Digital & MarCom Consulting
Richard‘s professional bio / interests
With curiosity, candor, and passion, I have spent more than 24 years tackling the toughest markets, businesses, brands, and innovation challenges my clients confronted in a constantly disrupted world. My team and I had the privilege of helping local, regional and international clients both on the non-commercial and commercial sides to navigate complexity with curiosity, rigor, and creativity. I bring business leadership, teamwork, bold thinking and the desire to serve the best in consulting, futurist forecasting, digital thinking, digital transformation, SEO, SEM, government public affairs and NGOs practice, marketing, communication, brand building, activation, analytics across a wide spectrum of industries and markets. My starting point revolves around uncovering insights, trends, business challenges and opportunities, thinking through strategies, developing and deploying optimal omnichannel 360 solutions that deliver on measurable business goals. Achieving objectives to gain advantage requires experience and foresight. This is why, the essence of my role is to help clients make the best decisions to move their business forward with confidence. I am here to generate ideas to create behavior changing engagements that inspire people to bond with my clients’ brands and driving brand and category growth by understanding and accelerating the Purchase Decision Journey. My task is to bring growth and healthy business outcomes for my clients and help them evolve their business to reap the fruits in our digitally transforming world.
I’d like help with…
Behavioral Science – Big Data Mining– Brand Activation – Brand Building – Business & MarCom Consulting – Business Management – Creative Enablement – Creative Writing – Critical Thinking – Customer Engagement – Dark Markets MarCom– Data Science – Design Thinking – Digital Strategies – Digital Transformation – Direct Marketing – Foresight Future Thinking - Government & Public Affairs – Innovative Solutions – Insights Generation & Enablement - Integrated Leadership – Internal Communication – Marketing in Downturn - Negotiation Skills – Network Building – Neuromarketing – Political Marketing – Project Management – Relationship Building – Research & Insights – Retail MarCom – Rural Marketing – Shopper Marketing - Social Media 2.0 Strategies – Startup Enablement & Growth – Strategic Planning – Trade MarCom –Training & Development – Transmedia Storytelling – UX/UI Strategies – VR, AR & MR Ideation – Winning New Business.
An interesting, or unusual fact(s) about me…
I am also a novelist and writer, a passion that is driving me lately aside from the MarCom and digital worlds
I live in
A career highlight
24 years @ Ogilvy Worldwide, providing clients with integrated solutions, with special attention for the Middle East and North Africa
Joined Guild
23 October, 2021