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Mike Nicholson
Mike Nicholson
Founder, Six Sells
Mike‘s professional bio / interests
I'm the founder of Six Sells, a small, but perfectly formed people-marketing agency with clients all across the world. Our goal is to help your sellers to get the attention of more of your ideal clients, more often, using social media and content. Sellers is a term that refers to anybody from the CEO down, with a client-facing role, and an interest in the revenue number. Our training and support helps your sellers to build their personal brands, which leads towards professional success. How do we do it? 1 - Training - helping your client-facing people to better leverage social media as a sales, marketing and PR channel. (Never any cold spam!) 2 - Content Strategy - we help you to create a client-focused content strategy that gives your messaging consistency across all of your sellers. 3 - Content - We ghost-write bespoke content for your sellers on a consistent, frequent basis. Feel free to connect with me if you would like to discuss this, or email me [email protected]
I’d like help with…
Warm introductions to people who want help to grow personal and professional brands on social media
An interesting, or unusual fact(s) about me…
I wrote a history book about the Hillsborough Disaster called The Hillsborough Disaster in Their Own Words
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A career highlight
Telegraph, Opera Mediaworks, OpenX, SiriusDecisions, Six Sells
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25 October, 2021