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Glyn Welsby
Glyn Welsby
CFO, DNM engineering/ALA insurance brokers
Glyn‘s professional bio / interests
Experienced Director in all disciplines from Sales and Marketing, Purchasing and Supply to Finance and IT. Specific experience in - Automotive sector lighting and parts distribution - Acquisitions and disposals. - Systems and company integrations - Manufacturing experience since 2000 - New product development and Sales development - Business improvement specialist - Process improvement - Cost savings expert / Energy usage savings expert - Growth funding expert - Digital transformation specialist - scale and exit strategy expert Dashboarding - I make high quality KPI dashboards - I cleanse and restructure your data - I support you to apply for match funding - I show you what you will get before you commit financially - I automate processes and integrate with your existing systems - I help you deliver dynamic solutions suitable for tomorrow not just today !
I’d like help with…
New clients looking for data analytics and KPI dashboards and support for business planning and growth. Part time finance roles in York region
An interesting, or unusual fact(s) about me…
I can order a beer in several languages (too many to recall - or maybe I just lost those brain cells)
I live in
A career highlight
In 2005 I had the dubious pleasure of making over 70 people redundant but with the support of the business I managed to help more than 90% of them secure roles within 3 months of leaving.
Joined Guild
22 November, 2021