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James Mapstone


James Mapstone

Chief Executive, Alliance of Sport

James's professional bio / interests

I've been a champion for sport and criminal justice for over 20 years because I know first hand how it can help to transform lives. My journey has been a constant learning curve and the frequent challenges have only made me more determined to drive systemic change. Now I work with the government in the UK and Thailand to develop and align policy, practice, investment and impact.

I’d like help with…

Whatever you can do to help, providing I can help you in return!

An interesting, or unusual fact(s) about me…

When I started playing rugby I wanted to be a world class scrum half. Half way through my first ever game of club rugby, my coach pulled me to one side. He said "James, you're fat, you're a prop". Whilst his blunt approach first came as a shock, I embraced the front row, fell in love with the chaos, the battles, the culture and subsequently the game. However this story is closely aligned with one of my biggest failures in life. I am a proud dad to two boys. In their early years, they had the England Rugby baby grow, bib, romper suit and cuddly rugby ball. I would belt out 'swing low sweet chariot' to get them to sleep. However... they grew up to be big football fans. They now wear shiny shorts. I'm not sure what happened, but I have embraced that too. As a volunteer, I hold my UEFA B licence and coach football regularly. My old friends have disowned me, but its OK. I understand that being a father comes with sacrifice. I also now feel much better for getting it off my chest. Thanks for reading 😉

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Dec 13, 2021