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Sam Cande
Sam Cande
CEO, Cande Consulting & Events
Sam‘s professional bio / interests
Sam Cande is a highly motivated sustainability and social responsibility enthusiast. She has spent over 20 years as director of some of the most influential exhibitions, conferences and magazines. Sam was the founder of an organisation called Level that promotes parity, diversity & inclusion. She has been the chair of The Business Travel Associations Sustainable Committee and held the position as director of Sustain Magazine over 10 years ago. She now spends her time passionately focusing on educating and inspiring businesses to become more sustainable and have more of a social impact. Sam recently launched a conference that will do just that, called the Responsible Futures Conference. She is also the founder of Sustain Talks a series that interviews interesting people who work in these areas. She is also an assessor and consultant to CSR Accreditation and consults companies on sustainability and social responsibility.
I’d like help with…
Finding sponsors, partners & speakers for my conference
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A career highlight
Launching a sustainability & social responsibility conference in a pandemic.
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13 December, 2021