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Damian McAlonan


Damian McAlonan

Global Partnerships Director, Xeim

Damian's professional bio / interests

Accomplished Marketer, Management Consultant and Facilitator who has successful tours at UK Newsbrand's, International B2B Publishing Houses and leading Ad agencies . Fascinated in the invisible behaviours that shape our actions.

I’d like help with…

Meeting digital thought leaders and executives passionate about raising their people's capabilities.

An interesting, or unusual fact(s) about me…

I was the youngest person to be promoted into display advertising in 100 years of the Express Newspapers, I used to breakfast with the Saatchi's once a month and I got to dance with Mick Jagger on his 70th Birthday party.

I live in


A career highlight

I'm responsible for the UK's longest running TV ad (to date)




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Jan 04, 2022