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Amanda Cremona


Amanda Cremona

Tutor, AJC Tutoring / AJC Outreach

Amanda's professional bio / interests

Hi, I'm Amanda and I'm a self employed tutor - business name AJC Tutoring. I'm very grateful that at the end of last year I was nominated and won the UK ED Community Business Award Winner - Outstanding Educator 2021. I love working with children and young people with learning differences and challenges; empowering their parents and supporting their teachers. I am passionate about children and young people learning to read and write as I strongly believe it is a fundamental right for every child. Within my work, particularly over the last couple of years, I have encountered so many children and young people with low self esteem and anxieties that just need the correct support in learning to read and write. Often it appears on the outside as negative and/or challenging behaviour within school, but usually it's really about low self-esteem. I find it very frustrating that this is not being addressed early enough, or at all in some cases, in order to support children correctly. It has huge implications on the ongoing learning journey for a child or young person. We have the knowledge and the assistive technology to help support these students, and much of it is available free to schools and their families. Why don't we use it more?

I’d like help with…

learning more about how to make change.

An interesting, or unusual fact(s) about me…

I'm learning to be a radio presenter!

I live in


A career highlight

Becoming self employed and it being successful. Successfully helping some quite vulnerable children both academically and emotionally. Teaching a couple of children, that were considered unteachable by way of reading difficulties, to start reading.




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Jan 14, 2022