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Steven Beckwith


Steven Beckwith

Client Strategy Director (EMEA), Prohaska Consulting

Steven's professional bio / interests

Focused on seven different global client verticals. 1. Publishers on the sell side 2. Brands and agencies on the buy side 3. Marketers 4. Tech companies 5. Investors, either private equity or strategics: due diligence, buy and sell side for m&a work. 6. Trade groups and publications. Locally and globally: training, standards, workshops, research papers, helping the entire industry. 7. Recruitment Tech...Target...Talent

I’d like help with…

Understanding Gen Z in the workplace

An interesting, or unusual fact(s) about me…

Northern and proud

I live in


A career highlight

Was once Yahoo!'s highest grossing salesperson in EMEA....that took me to 2x World Cups with clients. Past glories.




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Feb 04, 2022