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Klaus Wichmand
Klaus Wichmand
Community manager, Trint
Klaus‘s professional bio / interests
I specialise in creating tribes that connect the physical, digital and emotional worlds. I've worked with big blue-chip tech giants like Microsoft (games), Sony (PlayStation), small startups like PepsiCo10, award-winning Roamler, P.R. mavericks Don't Cry Wolf, and well as some of the biggest names in online games like, Jagex, and Blizzard. Experienced in planning integrated campaigns with digital and social at their heart, I bring a human touch, warmth and humour that is increasingly all-too-rare in the digital age. I am curious, creative and analytical, fascinated by human behaviours and how to create clear emotional exchanges on behalf of brands. I help organisations create connected ideas that drive business metrics and change audience behaviour by combining creativity, culture and digital data.
I’d like help with…
Growing as a professional.
An interesting, or unusual fact(s) about me…
I won an award for illustrating an RPG, I can’t draw.
I live in
A career highlight
Working on a campaign about voting awareness amongst young people in traditionally politically apathetic communities.
Joined Guild
15 February, 2022