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Coleen Mc Gleenon


Coleen Mc Gleenon

Trauma Recovery Coach, HTP Trauma Recovery

Coleen's professional bio / interests

I help people to gain a deeper understanding about the truth of who they really are and what they're truly capable of through compassionate, person-centered therapies. I am an EFT Advanced Master Practitioner with qualifications in Coaching, NLP, CBT and Hypnosis, and I'm expert by experience. I'm also in the process of creating Northern Ireland's first holistic trauma recovery centre, rooted in the teachings and work of Dr Gabor Maté, Pat Ogden, Bessel Van Der Kolk and Bruce Lipton.

I’d like help with…

Meeting like-minded people and expanding my network.

An interesting, or unusual fact(s) about me…

I run a host a large music festival!

I live in


A career highlight

I've been nominated for the Families First awards which are taking place in Belfast in May 2022.




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Feb 18, 2022