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Mark Bunker
Mark Bunker
Founder & Director, Landmark Communications
Mark‘s professional bio / interests
Hello, I’m Mark, a creative, results driven communications practitioner and founder of Landmark Communications. In this new age of work, I’m passionate about building and enhancing authentic relationships and ensuring businesses become more connected to and trusted by their employees and external stakeholders, and in doing so fundamentally changing employee and customer experiences for the better. A positive reputation that humanises an organisation and helps the people that work there feel proud to do so is like a magnet and will deliver significant economic and business advantages. I've spent 23 years working in the UK and internationally – during that time I’ve delivered a number of significant change communication programmes including four large merger and acquisitions, strategy and cultural renewals and business transformations. In these achievements, I have helped a range of organisations and their senior leaders successfully navigate what have been landmark events for those companies and their people.
I’d like help with…
- Delivering successful change with focus, thought and the long term in mind so there’s a clear sense of why and where an organisation is heading and people feel connected to and care about the outcome. - Enabling organisations to build a shared purpose and a strong culture through the power of authentic and inspiring communication. -Unlocking the power of leadership communication in ways that create trust among stakeholders and environments where people are proud to say ‘I work here’.
An interesting, or unusual fact(s) about me…
- Started my working life of in teaching before pivoting to communications and in my time teaching had a pupil that went on to be a Hollywood star - Orlando Bloom! - Am a Francophile - love all things to do with France, culture, food and wine!
I live in
A career highlight
Leading the comms strategy and plan that delivered a successful acquisition of Rexam by Ball. It was such a complex deal that it took 18 months from start to Day 1. Lots of uncertainty to manage and twists and turns yet eventually through brilliant teamwork we did it achieving significant shareholder value with a 40% premium worth c.£5bn whilst increasing employee engagement score from 72% to 75%.
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09 March, 2022