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Nathan Whitbread


Nathan Whitbread

Leadership Coach, The Neurodivergent Coach

Nathan's professional bio / interests

Nathan Whitbread is a coach and speaker specialising in helping make the neuro-inclusive workplace a reality. Father of four, runner, and diagnosed dyslexic at 35, Nathan started coaching in 2015 to help neurodivergent individuals and teams be more effective, happy and engaged at work to reach their goals and increase profitability. Nathan talks about how to amplify strengths and manage difficulties effectively.

I’d like help with…

Making change a reality for neurodivergent individuals in our teams and organisations

An interesting, or unusual fact(s) about me…

I love skipping my favourite moves are double under variations.

I live in


A career highlight

Speaking on the Coaching inn Podcast with Claire Pendrick




Joined Guild

Mar 15, 2022