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Belinda Bronjewski


Belinda Bronjewski

Women’s Health, Fitness & Life Coach - Peri-To-Post-Menopause, Natural Vibe

Belinda's professional bio / interests

Hi, I’m Belinda Bronjewski of Natural Vibe Power Plate Studio in Hemel Hempstead, Herts, UK. I’m a Personal Trainer and Massage Therapist, specialising in Peri-to-Post-Menopausal Women since 2014, and more recently leading Women’s Empowerment Coaching to help them more holistically. My passion is to advocate and hold space for women who find it hard to put themselves first, instead bottom of the chores list, so they can create a vibrant, purposeful 3rd Age that they deserve and have the energy to make that happen. We focus on Sleep; Gut Health; Movement; Nutrition; Stress; & Future Visioning. As a 57 year old post menopausal woman, I show them all the things I wish I’d known and had help with when entering this substantial and possibly most exciting phase of life - where we truly become who we’re meant to be and know what does and doesn’t work for us! Please lookup my Linktree for offerings, freebies, groups, etc. Belinda Bronjewski, Natural Vibe – Rocking My 3rd Age!

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I used to be an HR Pro.

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Bringing my life’s work and experience under the umbrella of Women’s Empowerment Coaching (with the foundations of health and fitness being key to bringing all one’s life dreams and intentions to fruition).


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Mar 16, 2022