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Gift Anaja


Gift Anaja

Nutritionist, National Hospital Abuja

Gift's professional bio / interests

I am a Clinical Nutritionist, Nutritional Educator and an advocate for Healthy Nutrition and Lifestyle. Head Nutritionist at Ediwellness. We strongly believe that food is medicine. Our main focus is to help people come into wellness by providing gut friendly food and drinks. I am passionate about educating people on the impact of healthy nutrition and lifestyle on their daily lives, disease outcomes and lifespan. My work now entails counseling and making meal plans for clients with NCD's and holding them through the process of reversing chronic diseases.

I’d like help with…

Consistency with my online learnings/certifications

An interesting, or unusual fact(s) about me…

I Love doing research and public speaking

I live in


A career highlight

When I defended my Master's degree dissertation and did it excellently well.




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Mar 16, 2022