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Frank-Adrien PAPON
Frank-Adrien PAPON
Commercial Counsel EMEA, BlackLine
Frank-Adrien‘s professional bio / interests
I work as a commercial counsel in London for a financial SAAS company founded in California over twenty years ago which is still the largest tech company having a single female, self taught, bootstrapped, innovator founder and CEO. It does change, everything. I have worked in house for twenty years primarily in large US tech companies in the US, UK and Switzerland. I have a strong interest in comparative law, civil liberties, public policy, securities regulation, antitrust, platform ecosystems, disruptive technology, digital transformation and figuring out the looming ethical risks of AI. I have ADD so I can't wait for the robots to do 90% of an in house counsel job to help them focus on the big picture. Never enough legal ops and process automation. I am an LGBTQI+ rights activist and proudly stand on the shoulders of my black and women forebears. I am also concerned about the often overlooked and silenced mental health hazards of the legal profession, particularly in house where the conflicting imperatives can have devastating effects on the young, the vulnerable, the insecure or anybody with a moral compass and a healthy dose of self doubts and awareness.
I’d like help with…
- Building community of like minded - and kind - lawyers who take the law seriously and themselves a little less seriously. Support Ben and his amazing team in this ground breaking and essential endeavor. - Learn new tricks while having fun, always. - Giving back. To fellow immigrants, refugees, minorities, kids who still believe the law can be a worthy and interesting calling but can be discouraged by the many ridiculous barriers built around it to guard against diversity and fresh ideas.
An interesting, or unusual fact(s) about me…
I worked for many years as a production assistant for producer Ismail Merchant and director James Ivory in New York London and Paris. I love the movies. Well, that kind of movies. Never had a more exciting job. I started my career in public service as a diplomat in New York City. Never had a more difficult and impactful job. I have moved about thirty times in my life, which helped this hoarder shed almost all material possessions... and know every SKU at IKEA. I love and admire the UK but I served as a legal observer for Republic during their peaceful protest at the coronation where I was detained (but not arrested) and questioned by the Police and took this opportunity to have an interesting conversation with their Chief about the ins and outs of a then brand new yet clearly untested public order law which made the front page of papers around the world where people started having that conversation too. I grew up, studied and started my career in Paris and New York but have settled down in London now, where I enjoy the best of both worlds and am frequently reminded that my personality has kept the worst of both.
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A career highlight
Working at Apple in Cupertino among the most creative and talented (but disciplined) misfits I have ever worked with (including a few lost lambs with legal skills) on building the then new App Store, just before it transformed and catapulted the company into a software and content supernova. Everything I learned and know about business, I owe to them.
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28 March, 2022