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Jody Latham
Jody Latham
Head of Creative Services, National Highways
Jody‘s professional bio / interests
Experienced creative ops leader, I thrive on building, leading, and developing teams to produce outstanding work. With 25 years of experience across agency, in-house, and on-site, I have honed my skills as a creative services, operations specialist. Throughout my career, I have been passionate about working with great creative minds to solve complex problems.
I’d like help with…
We are currently moving from a 6 regionally siloed support service to one national in house agency model and as such our creativity is pushing forward and driving a clearer business narrative across our social channels, one we hope will increase conversation around the UKs infrastructure in a more positive way. Our problem at the moment is how we do this with a static headcount and an awful lot of existing mandatory BAU... or artwork for localised roadwork schemes, the stuff we have to say that informs you of the work we doing in your area and the impact it might have (generally seen in your local town hall or church event... letters, rollups, leaflets, brochures).
An interesting, or unusual fact(s) about me…
Anything to do with inhouse creativity, motorbikes, and running... I'm that running bore yes I am.
I live in
A career highlight
My proudest accomplishments have come from leading in-house team transitions from traditional support services to strategic partners, while cultivating a culture of collaboration and creativity. I have done this for names such as The Guardian, Hotel Chocolat, Oliver, Barclaycard, and right now at National Highways.
Joined Guild
25 April, 2022