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Katharine Alsop


Katharine Alsop

Business development rep and disability advocate, Inclusively

Katharine's professional bio / interests

Professional: Day to day work: I prospect for inclusive employers and employers who want to become more inclusive! I connect these employers with our amazing team at Inclusively who unleash the power of our product and support team. This sets employers up for success in finding the best fit candidates from a diverse pool of candidates through demystifying the often intimidating process of accommodations. Win for employers, win for disabled candidates, win for all! Advocacy: I am a member of the Diversability Leadership Collective and RevGenius. These are communities that support my ambitions as a disabled advocate and business leader while allowing me to give back and advocate for the Disabled and Neurodivergent communities. I am also a LeanIn ( circle leader. Antiracism: I am committed to active antiracism and recognize that, as a white person, I am inherently racist and need to be vigilant in my words and behaviors. I commit to remain open to feedback from people of color and antiracist white people who honor me with their time and energy. Hobbies and Interest: -I excel in community organizing and driving operational excellence. I love bringing people together in ways that support individual, community, and business excellence. Finding technology that can support and enable communities to be more inclusive and innovative is my favorite hobby. I was recently introduced to Miro and Notion. These are the long lost keys to areas of my brain I thought could only be accessed by Tony Stark-esque tech tools … and now I evangelize them, in addition to other favorites like Slack, Canva and Asana. -I think … no really, I enjoy thinking and playing in my thoughts and I’ve just started turning these thoughts into a blog. -I spend time with my friends and family! I also enjoy listening to audiobooks and podcasts, watching movies, and taking road trips. Ask me to see some gorgeous pics and/or for tips on road tripping through the western US!

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In the words of Dan Pink: “Everybody doesn’t see the world the way I see it. And doesn’t have the same view of quality or excellence or speed or goodness and they’re not wrong they’re just different. In the way that blue is not a better color than yellow. It is just a different color than yellow.” What is my secret sauce? I combine my different perspective of the world around me, with finely tuned emotional intelligence skills, deductive reasoning (my patronus is Sherlock), an obsession for doing what’s right, years of studying human behavior, and a refusal to stop learning and growing no matter how hard life gets.

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A career highlight

I was the architect of a tech based peer to peer supportive group chat for teens. I designed and developed this program for Give Us The Floor from a thought experiment to a thriving program of over 1000 teen members in just over a year. IT is now housed in it's own app and continues to thrive at over 3000 members from all across the US and the globe.

Links - personal LinkedIn - referral link for membership (1 week trial, paid membership) in the Diversability Leadership Collective, a community for disabled professionals and advocates - a referral link for membership (free) to RevGenius, a community of almost 30,000 Revenue professionals/ - has thriving slack community and presence on LinkedIn



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May 14, 2022