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Sanaullah Nawazani
Sanaullah Nawazani
Additional Commissioner, Federal Board of Revenue
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Job responsibilities included: • Implementation of fiscal policies and tax laws through examination of tax returns, statement of accounts, withholding statements of corporate taxpayers. • Inspection and audit of books of Accounts/ records of the taxpayers to ascertain their turnovers and profitability. • Representation of tax department before appellate fora i.e. Appellate Tribunal Inland Revenue and High Court. • In charge/ Project lead for various projects of RTO I, Karachi. • Analysis of the financial statements of clients/ businesses in order to assess their income and financial position. • Recovery of Income Tax, Sales Tax and FED created as a consequence of assessment of the tax returns. • Taxpayers facilitation through conduction of seminars, training programs etc. • Broadening/ enhancement of the Income Tax Base.
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06 June, 2022