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Roberto Piccinotti


Roberto Piccinotti

Postgraduate Student, Bayes Business School

Roberto's professional bio / interests

I am an ambitious and challenges-seeker individual. Growing up in a mechanical workshop allowed me to develop a practical approach to solve problems and a particular attention to details. This "can-do" attitude unified with my close contact with the innovative environment of a start-up's accelerator conceded me to gather the ability to think outside the box, always trying to find new solutions to solve problems. In my undergraduate, I was able to shift this attitude of mine towards unifying the skills gathered from my experiences with my economic studies, developing a keen interest on corporate strategy of global companies. Having practiced several sports, such as cycling at a competitive level, taught me the importance of team work and sacrifice as well as sharpened my determination and perseverance in achieving my goals. This led me to always expand my knowledge and skills, believing in the power of the education and the importance of developing multidisciplinary skills.

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Jun 10, 2022