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Val Seecheran


Val Seecheran

Resident, NCRHA

Val's professional bio / interests

Valmiki Krishna Seecheran, MBBS, MSc (Dist) I graduated with MBBS from the University of West Indies, Barbados, in 2015 and recently completed my MSc (Internal Medicine) with Distinction from the University of Edinburgh in 2020. I was awarded a Royal College of Physicians (RCPE) Scholarship for my academic achievements during the program. I am currently in the process of completing my MRCP examinations. Since 2017 I have developed an intermediate level of demonstrated experience in internal medicine and general cardiology while working in Trinidad and Tobago. I have a passion for cardiology, clinical research and translational medicine. My research interest generally lies in the intersection areas of coronary artery disease, platelet biology and thrombosis physiology. This also extends to HIV atherosclerosis, cardiovascular public health, stress cardiomyopathy and adverse drug reactions. I have contributed to 30+ peer-reviewed publications concerning clinical trial design, scientific writing, data analysis and drafting appropriate for up-to-date publications. My ambition is to pursue a Clinical PhD in the United Kingdom and learn translational medicine alongside world-renowned clinician-scientists in the NHS.

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Internal Medicine

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I listen to podcasts about the universe almost every night.

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Jun 16, 2022