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Tim Hayden
Tim Hayden
Assistant Head Teacher, Warden Hill Junior School
Tim‘s professional bio / interests
I have been in education since 2003 and an AHT since 2013. My key areas of responsibility are Assessment, Pupil Premium, Music Coordinator, and most recently School Led Tutoring. I am seeking my first Headteacher position and have reached the final interview stage on several occasions. I hope to be successful soon. Prior to my career change i worked in the IT industry for Record companies, travelling the world installing software. It was glamorous until my young family arrived - then I missed home too much. I have always been interested in the union and looking after the rights of people, but this is my first real venture into becoming more active. I am looking forward to the challenges ahead.
I’d like help with…
Getting to grips with the the challenges of being a Safeguarding DSL. From September I become an Acting Drputy Head and DDSL. I have very little experience and have only just completed 2 mornings of training. What should I focus on first, there seems to ve so much to read and learn.
An interesting, or unusual fact(s) about me…
I grew up in Bulawayo in Zimbabwe
I live in
A career highlight
Having my first class.
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16 June, 2022