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Thomas Elkjaer


Thomas Elkjaer

Agile Coach, tryZone

Thomas's professional bio / interests

I started with Project Management in the mid 90ties and a round 2008/2009 I turned to agile after a couple of attempts to implement project models and working as a program manager in an organisation implementing CMMI with management by baseball bat. Having worked as a freelance Scrum Master and Product Owner for 7 - 8 years I now primarily do agile training and coaching in organsitions ranging from start-ups to large public sector bureaucracies. I found out some years ago that although I am good at helping teams work in agile bubbles in the organisation, it doesn't really do much good overall, so I turned my attention to management and leadership. Apart from agile, I work with concepts like the Human Element (R) and Radical Collaboration (R). I am one of five partners in tryZone. We are based in Denmark.

I’d like help with…

Creating organisations where information flows smoothly from the strategic to the operational level and back in open and honest feedback loops.

An interesting, or unusual fact(s) about me…

I play drums in a blues band.

I live in


A career highlight

Helping a new team to be high-performing in four months.




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Jun 20, 2022