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Daniel-Yehuda Frohwein
Daniel-Yehuda Frohwein
Founder CEO, Realise Your Potential For Good Ltd
Daniel-Yehuda‘s professional bio / interests
Daniel is an accredited Business and Leadership Coach (ABLC/EMCC), and the founder of – a collective of professional coaches, psychologists and consultants who share a purpose-driven desire to profitably serve clients, whilst creating a safer, stronger, kinder society. With 25 years experience leading companies and teams, Daniel brings a creative, entrepreneurial and human touch to the challenging times leaders face. He uses a blend of organisational and personal psychology, to integrate achieving the goals of business, leadership, People, Wellbeing & Culture. Daniel is a pioneer of ‘deep dive’ virtual Leaders Circles. He shines brightest when facilitating and coaching Teams and Leaders in Leadership, Alignment, Communications, Innovation & Creativity, Diversity and Inclusion, Wellbeing, Performance and Change.
I’d like help with…
Connecting to clients who are good people... Seeking mandates or roles around co-creating transformational culture-shift programmes for leadership teams and creative teams.
An interesting, or unusual fact(s) about me…
One of 10 siblings, VIP bodyguard /security trained, into transcendental Jewish meditation, survived a high-speed 'flip and spin' motorway car crash with my family of six on board - thank G-d!
I live in
A career highlight
Leading & Coaching the 'Self-leadership' Team, having designed the culture-change programme that launched the UK's first supermarket with plastic-free bays and aisles - this was as much a challenge around cultural norms for a traditional business as it was around the pioneering energy doing things for the first time, finding new practical workarounds whilst 'business as normal' continued.
Joined Guild
18 March, 2020