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Zining Li
Zining Li
Summer intern, Intend
Zining‘s professional bio / interests
(1) Develop metrics and design experimental methodologies, (2) Create a machine learning model that captures key signals of mental health (3) Deploy appropriate protocols using behavioural science to prevent mental or financial issues before crisis hits.
I’d like help with…
Qualitative and quantitative research: My grade for Econometrics and Economic Analysis are over the Second-Upper degree level. Have over 3-year experience in Excel and 1-year of experience in Stata. Marketing, Research, and Promotion: I can research information that enterprises need and have an idea about promotion, gained by start-up project GSI. As a student ambassador, I create a huge amount of content to attract candidates to apply to my university. Operating the subscription and mini-program of WeChat and having the basic experience for HubSpot and Google analytics. Asset management and Financial awareness: ACCA is an extra-curricular activity and having learned financial and accounting relevant modules at the university. I take part in some business competitions held by the university or other organizations, including the UBC challenge and Business challenges, and gain ideas about financial management and competitor analysis. Event management, Communication, and inspiration: I am elected as the Vice-President of DUSA (Dundee University Students’ Association) after applying policies about diversity and multicultural issues. Meanwhile, I participated in organizing a series of events including the Chinese New Year Event, Rethinking economics (Dundee) Event, and Climate Change Event.
An interesting, or unusual fact(s) about me…
I am a Penultimate-Year Financial Economics Student with a strong interest in Business Analysis. I have spent half a year in a Start-Up program of a student platform, continue learning ACCA courses, and participated in a series of Business Challenges, which gave me comprehensive insights into Business Development, Accounting and Research, and Analysing skills. I have outstanding communication and leadership skills and can communicate effectively with a colleague and ensure the project is on the track. I am looking for an internship to utilize my knowledge and experience.
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Business analyst, Marketing , Finance and Accounting
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02 July, 2022