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Ismeria Bruce


Ismeria Bruce

Canada Country Team Lead and Partnership Team Project & Co-op Coordinator, GAO Tek Inc.

Ismeria's professional bio / interests

I would call myself an exceptional HR Leader and Matchmaker of People & Talent, who loves to inspire, be inspired and derives joy from helping others be the best that they can be. I’m also very hands-on, purpose-led, values-driven, client-focused, committed to providing quality services, with a strategy-oriented mindset to effectively guide my teams through change and the ability to create innovative solutions for complex and diverse issues, all the while fostering effective partnerships with operational clients and other stakeholders.

I’d like help with…

anything that will add to the development of me personally and professionally.

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A career highlight

One of my career highlights would be when I, as HR Canada Country Team Lead (congruent with my Asst. to HR Manager & Writing Test Team Lead roles), was able to stabilize the operations of the four Canadian HR teams (under my leaderships), during and after company restructurings (which occurred every 2 months), by essentially uplifting the confidence of the interns I served to handle the new processes before them, improving employee engagement, re-building the company morale, supporting the company culture, improving the work relationships that existed prior to the restructurings and increasing the productivity on the teams within the department, all the while eradicating the backlog of writing tests needed for the allocation of interns, as well as being able to not only fast-track the recruitment and onboarding processes, overall, but streamline the Writing Test Team & Tech Sales Interviewing/ Feedback processes, as well. Another proud highlight for me would be the way that I've been able to invest in the lives of the many people that I've worked with in all of my HR leadership roles, especially that of HR Canada Country Team Lead, since it’s always led to the promotion of their growth in the company, as well as everyone’s personal well-being, respectively.




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Jul 03, 2022