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Sarah Hughes
Sarah Hughes
Philanthropy Connector | Founder / Director in social innovation and techforgood, Beacon Collaborative / Mishi 🎶 / Charity21 🔧
Sarah‘s professional bio / interests
Here to make philanthropy, social innovation and impact more vibrant, rewarding and collaborative. I have a background in designing/founding new tools for social action or change. I believe in democratising and simplifying technology to bring people together to achieve more, and to solve social, environmental or community challenges in a meaningful way. I’m an advocate for generosity. I recently cofounded a music wellbeing app called Mishi. I’m a trustee at Project Lighthouse, an Advisory Board Member at Charizone and an advisor at Apps for Good.
I’d like help with…
Growing philanthropy and social impact investment among those with much to give. Bringing more wellness to workplaces through therapeutic music.
An interesting, or unusual fact(s) about me…
Later in life I discovered I have no mental imagery; I’m aphantasic or mind blind. I'm an absurdist and a sucker for alliteration. In the late 90s I created an Internet Service Provider for charities to help them online and build them free websites.
I live in
A career highlight
No highlights, as no regrets or comparisons but there is much that I am grateful for.
Joined Guild
25 July, 2022