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Alberta Agyapong


Alberta Agyapong

CEO of 1010 & Nutrition Coach, 1010foodie

Alberta's professional bio / interests

Hello! I am the CEO of 1010foodie, a healthy food online shop. I assist in the operation of the shop as well as help clients in selecting healthy meals for their specific health needs. I am a certified ISSA Nutritionist, Dieting & Nutrition Coach Certificate ( Udemy)

I’d like help with…

I love to assist others to find their passion and tell my story on how to take a baby step to reach a goal. Educate others on healthy living and food as a medicine.

An interesting, or unusual fact(s) about me…

The love the science behind "food as medicine". I love to see others smile, it gives me joy. I love to research

I live in


A career highlight

In 2019, I resigned as an Operation Manager at an IT and Document Managing Company to search for a passion for "food as medicine". My full-time job became part-time job whiles I do research on food. During the COVID time, I signed up to study on Udemy, anything food, and I enjoyed every bit of it. I became my own client when I signed up for the "dieting and nutrition coach" certificate course on Udemy. Within the space of about 6 months, I lost weight from 75kg to 60kg, aside from losing weight, menstrual cramps automatically stopped, and weekly headaches too stopped. I then decided to read more and assist others too, hence the birth of 1010foodie as a healthy food shop. I love my work, and I enjoy every moment of it; client interaction, researching, cooking and managing. I just love what I do




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Aug 28, 2022