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Hung-Wei Yeh
Hung-Wei Yeh
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Hung-Wei‘s professional bio / interests
I was awarded an MSc degree in International Business at the University of Leeds in December 2022, and I am now actively looking for graduate jobs in the UK. My business simulation experience developed my competitive mindset and business acumen through analyzing information and resources across multiple departments and making complex decisions. My experience as an English Language Camp Leader trained me to be driven and reliable and developed my interpersonal and planning skills. From my part-time job experience as a waiter, I learned to be attentive and empathetic to service customers such as listening to customers’ needs and giving personalized suggestions. I have a growth mindset and a hunger to learn because of my study abroad experience and the active and autonomous learning style in my Master’s studies. I am interested in operations management, business development and recruitment roles, but I am open to other jobs as long as I have the opportunity to utilize what I learned from my MSc International Business studies. I strongly look forward to applying my business knowledge and skills to the real world.
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Job opportunities and tips for job applications.
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My interests are playing the violin, reading, window shopping and building relationships with people who come from different countries.
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06 September, 2022