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Andrew Flynn
Andrew Flynn
Commercial Director, Erudite Agency - The SEO/UX Agency
Andrew‘s professional bio / interests
I have been privileged to work within the digital media space for over 20 years now working for companies such as Yahoo!, Microsoft Advertising and Amazon Digital. Now I am the Commercial Director of Erudite, the SEO/UX agency. We're 100% remote and comprised of international leaders in our field. We put test, research, and development at the heart of our philosophy, combined with a passion for making the web more usable and accessible for all. This drives growth in traffic and sales and return on investment that we are proud to shout about. Our company name is also our ethos. Erudition governs our approach, our culture, and the way we consider solutions. It is reflected in our core values: Intellectual Curiosity One of our core values, we encourage self-guided learning so that our consultants can pioneer new technologies and ways of implementing solutions. Employees get 6 free days a year for personal development which has been used by team members for learning new code, how to meditate, make sushi and more! Research & Development As part of our commitment to Erudition we do not take anything at face value. Our research and development program has seen the creation of industry renowned tools and information which governs our approach to knowing the best direction to take for our clients. Flexibility Technical Marketing is constantly evolving as our devices and the way we interact with digital content evolves. This means we do not learn by rote or bind our work to static formats and checklists. Every solution and recommendation is bespoke and based on our latest R & D combined with over a decade of experience. Transparency Our clients value our honest and open partnership approach. Our goal is to help our clients grow their business in a profitable way. We do the work that matters in a way that makes sense for the business, prioritised for the greatest return.
I’d like help with…
Any organic search engine optimisation needs or questions, or anyone is looking for an SEO Agency :)
An interesting, or unusual fact(s) about me…
I am also a qualified Psychotherapist
I live in
A career highlight
Qualifying as a psychotherapist and launching my own mental health service
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08 September, 2022