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Tony Shale
Tony Shale
Director, Asian Private Banker
Tony‘s professional bio / interests
I'm now a director of the integrated B2B media company Asian Private Banker (APB), based in Hong Kong. Prior to joining APB - which my brother Andrew founded in 2009 - I was CEO of Euromoney Institutional Investor in Asia between 2002 and 2021. I spent 1988-2002 either writing for global newspapers and magazines about business and finance in Asia or setting up what would become Euromoney’s main competitors in the region. APB is the premier provider of news, data and research about the private banking, wealth management and asset management businesses in Asia-Pacific. It also hosts 12 large and successful events each year connecting the buy- and sell-sides of the Asian wealth industry.
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An interesting, or unusual fact(s) about me…
I invested in a Leopard tank to provide security at an investment conference in Bali
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A career highlight
Launched the first big global investment event in Myanmar in 2011 when it reopened to the world after decades of isolation under the rule of a repressive military junta (that has sadly usurped power again). Over 1,500 international investors made the trip to remote Naypyidaw. President Thein Sein made the opening keynote and promised enduring reform, openness and deregulation. Those were the days.
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13 September, 2022