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Craig Murdie


Craig Murdie

Transformation coach & leadership mentor, Sense-making as a Service

Craig's professional bio / interests

I am an entirely ordinary middle-aged white man from Derby. I’m married with two kids, a ridiculously large Warhammer 40K collection, a 15ft catamaran, 1/3rd of a microlight aircraft, and a tenor saxophone. When I’m not operating Dad’s taxi service, falling into a reservoir, flying a plane, getting high on plastic glue, or blasting out the jazz standards, I spend my time as a transformation coach and leadership mentor. This means I get to have powerful and life-changing conversations with purpose-driven entrepreneurs, CEOs, and founders. That's people like you! Which is why I am so excited to be part of the Legacy Club community: I get so much energy from working with people who want to smash their goals, scale their business, and lead an extraordinary, impactful, and fulfilling life. Why do I do this? Well, because I think you shouldn’t settle for anything less than your finest performance and your maximum happiness. So I’ve decided to spend my life serving people, by helping them break through the barriers that prevent them from doing just that.

I’d like help with…

Referrals. I mean who doesn’t want more clients, right? But seriously I’m part of Legacy Club to build relationships - then who knows what extraordinary things might happen?

An interesting, or unusual fact(s) about me…

I can name 16 monarchs in less than 1 second.

I live in


A career highlight

Leading the team that kept the Boeing 747 in service for 5 years longer than anyone thought possible.




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Sep 20, 2022