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Jonathan Van Vaerenberg


Jonathan Van Vaerenberg

Founder, Treats - the first platform dedicated to restaurants offering tasty, healthy and sustainable food

Jonathan's professional bio / interests

I am a management consultant and startup founder, and I get energized by engaging on new concepts and by having a positive impact. My skills are at the cross roads of tech and business. More specifically, I love to build and develop new concepts, businesses, and teams,… Especially when I can bring together conceptual thinking (vision, ambition, creativity) and rationale (analytics, planning, execution). As a management consultant, I support strategic and operational matters. I appreciate variety, high stakes, and a broad range of stakeholders to involve and align. I bring structure, sharp analytics, and commitment with a highly collaborative attitude. I am also building my first startup, Treats. Our ambition is to guide conscious consumers (caring about their health and the environment) to like-minded restaurants. Because we believe in the massive benefits of tasty, healthy, and sustainable food. App coming soon (

I’d like help with…

Building new ventures

An interesting, or unusual fact(s) about me…

I recently ran my first triathlon, and am quite proud of that one 🙂

I live in


A career highlight

Driving a startup venture within a large corporation: the unique combination of a super motivated team with ambitions at scale!




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Oct 03, 2022