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Tom Sloan
Tom Sloan
Consultant / Investor, Tappit Media Ltd & Consultancy
Tom‘s professional bio / interests
Pragmatic Marketing and Sales Professional (30+ years) with start-up and profitable scale experience. I have honed that by founding three companies - two with 7+ figure exits and one that I put into administration (with no debts) due to the wrong co-founder, wrong time, and a few other wrongs on the ladder! So I know what won't work too! I also help e-commerce operators to create more effective stores. This is typically through applying common-sense digital marketing strategies driving achievable conversion rate optimisation. Too often, endless ineffective tactics result in negative customer experiences but produce reams of irrelevant reports. I've lost count of the number of times a shiny new ecommerce store goes live with little regard to analytics, SEO or a Content Strategy - but hey, lovely product photos and countless pop-ups and interruptions. I'm mainly interested in the "Digital marketplace" and helping SMEs and Agency Owners with practical strategies for scale - those that really want growth, rather than a comfortable lifestyle, and dreams of " day". For those that have run out of energy, perhaps you are looking for a way of realising value - I'm interested in acquiring too. I generally avoid the PYB and GAM engagements. 🤔
I’d like help with…
If you know of any Digital Agency owners in the £1 - £10M revenue range who are looking for an exit, I'd like an introduction please!
An interesting, or unusual fact(s) about me…
As a one-man-band computer company in the early '90s, I made "industrial-strength" computers that were used, as an example, on the production line of a large UK-based confectionery manufacturer (Slough?). They must have been OK because "we" became the exclusive supplier for very many years. If only they had known they were initially assembled in the "spare" bedroom!
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A career highlight
Largest sales win - $75M.
Joined Guild
10 October, 2022