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Ashley Crafton
Ashley Crafton
CEO, Galena Innovations
Ashley‘s professional bio / interests
Since 2007, Ashley Crafton has been an active labor and delivery nurse, showcasing her enthusiasm for family, expertise in medicine, and empathy for all women and children. During her fourteen years as a nurse, Ashley has served thousands of families with her compassion, quick thinking, and ingenuity. Over the course of her time as an RN, she has identified her passion not only for the individuals and families she has cared so deeply for, but for ideating products and innovations in the maternal-child healthcare space so she can ultimately reach even more people in need. In 2019, Galena Innovations was born directly with those values in mind: to improve the overall wellbeing of families. Ashley’s expertise in preterm birth interventions and research will surely make Galena Innovations a continued success. Ashley has been happily married for 17 years and is the mother of 5 successful children.
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14 October, 2022