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Elizabeth Cormier-May


Elizabeth Cormier-May

CEO, IVBH, Mammogen, Dragonfly Data Ventures

Elizabeth's professional bio / interests

I am running two seemingly different, but wildly connected ecosystems. My goal is to build and develop clinical and digital tools that empower the patient journey as our industry is navigating the shift to consumer-focused medicine and health experiences. Diagnostics are a vital piece to disease management and early detection is the key to not only improving outcomes, but enhancing the patient experience. This is what we are innovating around at IVBH (of which Mammogen is a part). Early detection preserves lives...plain and simple! Diagnostics is just one piece, however. Dragonfly Data Ventures (DDV) is an ecosystem where people can own their health decisions, journeys, and data for the first time ever. DDV is an app where personalized wellness is taken to new levels, a user experience that is meant to walk with you as your wellness companion through typical days, impossible days, and every wellness decision you make throughout a day...even when you don't know you are making them! DDV is the bridge between your clinical experiences with your physicians and the rest of your life.

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Oct 17, 2022