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Hilena Amare TADESSE
Hilena Amare TADESSE
Monitoring and Evaluation expert, AAU
Hilena Amare‘s professional bio / interests
It has been 6 years of journey as Monitoring, Evaluation, and Accountability expert both as a Government and NGO. These opportunities have given me unique opportunities and perspectives in developing and managing adequate M&E systems. As an M & E Expert and team leader I was responsible for planning, risk assessment, evaluation and reporting . Furthermore I have experience in monitoring bilateral partners and donors as World Bank, UN Habitat, City alliance (UNOPS), DFID projects in Ethiopia. Apart from M & E, I have worked as acting department head, and co-advisor. I also have experiance in and Teacher . I have Msc in Management of Development ., BA in sociology and Social Anthropology and Bachelor of Education. I have long experience and considerable skills when it comes to standard computer skills and MS office products and project management tools including SPSS and data analysis methods. I am use to working against deadlines and stress to accomplish projects on time and budget.
I’d like help with…
How to pursue further education / experience out of Ethiopia ( Europe )
An interesting, or unusual fact(s) about me…
I like to travel and practice meditation
I live in
A career highlight
I able to organized and started fund for children who lost their parents due to HIV& AIDs in MUDH.
Joined Guild
06 December, 2022