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Mary Ernsberger
Mary Ernsberger
Owner, Mountain Family Holistic Nutrition
Mary‘s professional bio / interests
Mary Ernsberger is a passionate professional advocate for children. In her role as a mother, author and life-long learner and practitioner in health and wellness, Mary is a fierce champion of the child’s natural curiosities and development. She utilizes her cumulative academic knowledge and experiences to partner with parents who may be confused and bewildered with the challenges of a child diagnosed or labeled with behavior issues. She navigates, with the parent, customized and practical nutrition programs that support better emotional, physical, and mental health for the child, as well as the family. Mary is the author of four books: Parenting Consciously – Out of the Box Solutions for Raising Your Authentic Child; Recognizing the Greatness in Each Child – Because Learning Differently Doesn’t Mean Learning Disabled; Plants vs Pills – Natural Solutions to the Over-Drugging of America's Youth; and un-Broken Children – Removing Labels Restoring Health & Wellness and was one of the co-authors of the International Best-Seller, My Big Idea Book. Mary welcomes sharing her expertise in local, regional, or national platforms.
I’d like help with…
When I can educate parents and/or grandparents on simple ways they can change out foods with visible and positive impact on the overall family, it is the greatest satisfaction. It is a major turning point for a young person, with the support of their family to understand that their choices have real consequences to the quality of their life. That comes through my practice of education and advocacy. The satisfaction of family is further bolstered when it allows that young person to lose a label that unnecessarily diminishes their ability to feel accepted and normal. I’ve learned that now, more than ever before, families are frustrated and confused on how to mitigate behavior issues. They are seeking common sense solution that treat the root cause and someone that supports their journey. I am repeatedly honored to contribute to a better life for these families.
An interesting, or unusual fact(s) about me…
Mary has an extensive educational background in holistic, complementary/alternative medicine, and education providing the foundation for her work in holistic nutrition and as a CAM practitioner.
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A career highlight
Honestly, anytime I see the light return to a child's eyes I am renewed and remember why I'm in this business.
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22 December, 2022