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Amena Chaudhry
Amena Chaudhry
Anti-Racist DEI Strategist, Coach, Consultant, Zarafa Consulting
Amena‘s professional bio / interests
I am the founder and principal consultant at Zarafa Consulting. A 2nd-generation Punjabi, Muslim immigrant and bi-continental citizen, my formative years were spent living between Toronto, Canada and Gujranwala, Pakistan. The experience of being raised at the intersections of multiple cultures, languages, religions, and worldviews has played a pivotal role in building my muscles for courageous discomfort for: moving through complex social dilemmas, holding multiple social truths, and being able to find the wisdom in difference and divergence. Growing up as a misfit in both worlds, I yearned to be seen, heard, and valued by the systems that were built without me in mind. Now, I work with courageous leaders and organizations who are hungry for systemic change and committed to divesting from systems that create inequities and exclusion. An innovative and nimble DEI practitioner, my DEI portfolio and approach are grounded in a mosaic of my personal lived experiences as well as over 20 years of professional experience as a certified HR professional in Learning & Development, Restorative Justice, and DEI work in corporate, nonprofit, government, and higher education sectors. I am a no-nonsense, anti-racist DEI Strategist, Coach, and Organizational Consultant, laser-focused on activating leaders and organizations to transform their relationship to power and conflict to become better stewards of our planet and its earthlings.
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23 December, 2022