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Satya Kamal Raparthi
Satya Kamal Raparthi
CEO, Daato
Satya Kamal‘s professional bio / interests
A well-rounded information age professional with both engineering and business expertise across functions Love to thrive in chaos and that should explain my experience of working on make or break projects I have had my stints as a software engineer and as a strategy & general management professional undertaking both strategic and operational projects. I am one of the co-founders of Mercanis and achieved the successful lift-off of the company I am currently growing Daato with my co-founder Thilo Hitz on a mission to accelerate the business transformation towards sustainability
I’d like help with…
Early stage companies are a beautiful mess - general theory of finance, general management, scale of production do not apply. I enjoy such challenges and will be very happy to collaborate. Also, please hit me up for any investor/ general introductions I can make through my network.
An interesting, or unusual fact(s) about me…
My first founded company at the age of 19 with no business understanding was to raise poisonous snakes, extract their venom for medicinal usage. Didn't go much far with the company, learned that I knew too little about business and determined to change it. The idea did make it to the final 25 of Asia's largest business plan competition in 2012 under both social and business categories which was a life-changing experience.
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A career highlight
My metamorphosis from a pure breed engineer to a tech-savvy management professional.
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28 December, 2022