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Amiera Sawas
Amiera Sawas
Chief Research and Engagement Officer, Climate Outreach
Amiera‘s professional bio / interests
I work on climate change and it's intersections with other critical issues around rights and justice e.g. gender justice, racial justice, right to participation and other civil and human rights. I come from an academic background and have worked in many countries still deeply affected by colonial histories and neocolonial, racialised, power. My first professional love is research but I also seem to be good at advocacy and communications. I am struggling with being a brown woman, with a working class heritage, in leadership, especially around my responsibility and role in breaking racialised, colonial and class based power... And especially towards black and migrant colleagues and potential colleagues and partners who are so targetted and disadvantaged by this systemic power and ultimately its violence.
I’d like help with…
A few things! 1. Any new processes that people have tried and how they've worked 2. Reflecting on and managing gaslighting (and ultimately burnout) from white colleagues when I am bringing anti-racist practise to my org
An interesting, or unusual fact(s) about me…
I grew up in a mixed culture migrant home with very strong religious leanings - both Muslim and Catholic - and also with a very strong working class background.... I went to comp school for a while but I was able to go to private school for a few years. That school was also predominantly Jewish and Christian kids and I'm Muslim myself. So I think I'm sharing this to say that I have learned to code switch very well! But also have a strong sense of what my privilege is and also my responsibility to call out bias and break systemic power where I can.
I live in
A career highlight
Probably getting my PhD despite working jobs throughout most of it
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03 January, 2023