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Stacy Kehren Idema


Stacy Kehren Idema

Founder & Managing Director, Global Collective

Stacy's professional bio / interests

Known for transforming chaos to calm, I was most often found leading complex, ambiguous, and highly visible global programs in start-ups and large organizations. My deep business knowledge and experience extend more than 50 years as a former corporate leader in heavily regulated industries, the former spouse of a generational business owner, and the daughter of small business owners. From these intimate business and personal experiences, I believe business is always personal. This belief is what lead me to where I am today. Diversity and the commitment to doing business differently led me to secure a UK Innovator Visa and start The Global Collective. My pursuits outside of business include: mentoring and advising early career post-graduate students and exploring London. I am the mom to two young adult men.

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Jan 04, 2023