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Anu Nadimpalli
Anu Nadimpalli
Founder & CEO, 3am Inspirations
Anu‘s professional bio / interests
Artist/Poet/Author/Founder/CEO, Anu Nadimpalli prides herself in uplifting solopreneurs and wellness experts by using ART to create physical/digital products, sustainable fashion, social media content marketing, etc., so they can stand out from the crowd and reach their goals.
I’d like help with…
Anyone who needs help with the following: - Creating exclusive physical and digital products to your brand and message. - Social media content marketing. - Designing and Creating Sustainable Fashion Products.
An interesting, or unusual fact(s) about me…
I love more and more creative challenges that challenge me to be more and more creative. I love to capture the Extraordinary in the Ordinary.
I live in
A career highlight
In 2019, while casually speaking to a potential client who was struggling to be visible on social media, I invented a unique marketing strategy called "Extraordinary Content", using my artistic prowess. Soon, this became a success and I was able to help my clients stand out from the crowd even during the pandemic. Today, my clients are using, reusing and re-reusing this very "Extraordinary Content" in the form of digital and physical products to uplift their Companies.
Joined Guild
10 January, 2023