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Charlie Whyman
Charlie Whyman
Fractional CMO, Chief Momentum Builder, Curious B2B Marketing Ltd
Charlie‘s professional bio / interests
Technology companies come to me when they want more sales and customers from their marketing efforts and more alignment across revenue functions and the board. I work as a Fractional CMO, Consultant, Trainer and Coach. Keen cyclist, F1 fan and curious soul
I’d like help with…
Here to learn from others and give back. Curious to hear stories about sales and marketing challenges and successes specifically in the tech space as too much marketing talk is too consumer focused and not always relevant
An interesting, or unusual fact(s) about me…
I studied engineering because I love technology and solving problems, I somehow ended up living in Italy making Olive Oil which led to me starting my first award-winning business. I then discovered that technology companies had a real blocker with sales and marketing and I thought it was unfair that the companies with a good purpose and product were missing out - I latched onto this problem and turned it into a mission to solve and 15 years later I'm still chipping away at it.
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A career highlight
Launching a new product with a tiny budget and restrictions around what I could say about what the product was or did until we unveiled it at an event - generating a pipeline of £12.5M at the launch event.
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13 January, 2023