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Dr Ruti A Chang
Dr Ruti A Chang
Dr Ruti A‘s professional bio / interests
Research professional with both traditional Traditional Chinese therapies and UK accredited subjects.Specialist Research subjects neurology and organic homeopathic therapies in drug resistant and acquired brain injury patients. Major interests within; Complex situations with allergies /hormonal dysfunction in need of a programme of treatment for life long conditions often overlooked! My research scans 20 years so far working with homeopathic and conventionally treated people.
I’d like help with…
People interested with seizure/allergies/ metabolic disease. Persons with colour triggered/ light triggered disease People interested in providing data/grants for potential volunteers such as myself. When mentioning light and colour/ vibration ,this is due to my programme encompassing a lifestyle of vibration harmony such is the planet in all locations/ working and retired.its your experience which interests me .
An interesting, or unusual fact(s) about me…
Research Practitioner of alternative holistic and traditional therapies . Designed both movement,light sound and breath treatments to work with herbal / conventional therapies
I live in
A career highlight
My Hope is for my program to show that each unique individual being will reach a vibrational harmony via nutrition,herbs and being ALIVE in our planet not just floating in a lost world.
please contact me through this channel.
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01 February, 2023