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Bailey Lewis
Bailey Lewis
Digital Content Strategy Coach, Words First Content Strategy
Bailey‘s professional bio / interests
Bailey Lewis, founder of Words First Content Strategy, coaches leaders, teams, and professionals all over the world to cultivate a humans first approach to digital content practices and make their corner of the digital world a little better place for everyone involved, on both sides of the screen—all through the power of words.
I’d like help with…
I believe in the power of community and I'm looking to make connections with other communications and digital professionals for an ever-better big-picture understanding of my and my clients' work. Exchange of ideas, understanding how others solve problems, and keeping up with concerns in the industry are all important to me.
An interesting, or unusual fact(s) about me…
Professionally: I have unique combination of skills and expertise: user experience, content strategy, and digital leadership. More than a decade practicing these three together led me to coach leaders, teams, and professionals in more human, intentional digital content strategy practices so that teams and creators can feel more confident in making compassionate, successful digital content choices. Personally: Winner of several karaoke contests but now I just sing for fun. Used to raise show chickens and with the price of eggs, now might be open to it again. Former fiction writer turned digital content strategy champion, all thanks to helping multiple literary journals take their issues online in the early 2010s.
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A career highlight
I felt like I got away with something when in 2021, in the midst of pandemic travel restrictions, I was able to go to Croatia and present about digital content strategy to communications and marketing professionals at a yacht travel booking summit. And, of course, the launch of my business but that feels like a gimme.
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08 March, 2023