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Rose Dyer
Rose Dyer
Global Head of Project Portfolio and ESG, Beauty Pie
Rose‘s professional bio / interests
Strategic global programme/portfolio manager and ESG champion connecting strategy to execution: Do the right projects, do them collaboratively, do them right: With agility. Mindset focused on people, planet, prosperity. Outcomes-focused global strategic and operational delivery. Simplifying complexity, orchestrating change and realising benefits. Quickly gaining knowledge and trust, having delivered projects across industries including telecom, aeronautics, banking, compliance, and e-commerce. -Builds and directs reliable and consistent project portfolio functions in growth stages to optimise strategic OKR delivery -Strategises and champions ESG key goals to reduce environmental and increase charity/community impact, whilst embedding DEI across the teams -Unlocks teams’ potential, enabling accountability and effective execution across business functions -Delivers critical transformation programmes to meet key value propositions. Translates company / client requirements into commercially viable solutions to achieve real and sustainable business benefits. -Steers organisational and process strategy; cultivates robust client facing and business relationships with customers, suppliers and government bodies.
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20 April, 2023