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Dr. Constance Nneka Eze
Dr. Constance Nneka Eze
IEEE STUDENT BRANCH COUNSELLOR, Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers
Dr. Constance Nneka‘s professional bio / interests
A specialist in Artificial Intelligence, robotics, and automation, I have a Ph.D. in Control Engineering. Experience as a Lecturer, and Tertiary Education (Nigeria) Trust Fund Research leader. An innovator, an Academic Motivational Speaker, an experienced speaker within academic and international symposiums and research gatherings. I am keen to take on new challenges and am looking forward to my next steps in AI research and education in the UK. I focus my energy and enthusiasm on developing great human potential and solving global human needs.
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I am a distinguished IEEE & WIE professional member, for her excellent work in promoting and supporting the growth of Computer & Digital technology in Nigeria. Also, am a key player in creating innovation, inspiring, and motivating young people, especially girls, to pursue and advance their careers in digital technology through her work with the IEEE Student Branch program. The event can be viewed from the link below; “ I was invited to deliver a lecture on "Girls' tips and strategies for success in tech". My presentation was not only inspiring but also practically provided the students with valuable insights and clues on how to succeed in a tech-related career, especially getting in-depth involvement in treading global technology
An interesting, or unusual fact(s) about me…
I am committed to promoting technical education and STEM development in Nigeria, which is a testament to my Innovation, passion, skills, and dedication to the field of computer and digital Technology. My contribution to the growth of technology in Nigeria has been outstanding, and I am confident that my expertise and leadership will be valuable to any organization and Nation globally.
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A career highlight
I am an exceptionally intelligent and talented lady in digital technology, especially in computer networking, the configuration of Cisco routers, configurations of network Cisco switches, and configurations of network internet protocol (IPV4 and IPV6) Addresses, both for the static IP addresses which are the known as the Private IP used by private sectors like banks, companies, institutions, and industrials. Even dynamic IP addresses also known as public IP addresses and used for web and global communications: mail, internet, Facebook, And my personal collaboration with Cisco Networking Academy made me an outstanding and determined academic Doctor who is proactive in the field of digital technology. I successfully set up and delivered batches of different computer-based tests for various clients such as Dragnet company, workforce limited, the national postgraduate medical college of Nigeria (NPMCN), etc. I represented the AFRI -hub in 2018 and 2019 with other AFRI hub CCNA, Instructors at the Cisco annual safari conferences in different cities of the nation and won the prestigious and coveted Cisco Nigeria’s Best Instructor of the Year award in 2019.
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30 April, 2023